Non- bull/non-dual wisdom



“Total freedom, total confidence, total satisfaction”.
This is the fruit of self-knowledge. Vedanta, a proven methodology to attain this knowledge, allows you to confidently enjoy your life with a sense of steady ease. We call it moksha.

You know that feeling of fearless-assurance and free-potential when you are aware that you’re dreaming whilst in the actual dream? Perhaps we can akin the nectar of self-knowledge a little similar to that; absolute free confidence.

Until self-knowledge is established in the mind, one will continue to feel limited, fearful and uneasy whilst rafting down the currents of life. You will continue to chase an endless array of objects mistakenly thinking it will quench that existential sense of lack that you feel.

You can’t change life’s currents but you sure can change your raft.
It’s going to take some effort but it’s well worth it, promise.

You have an opportunity to trade in your fickle rubber duck inflatable for a mighty solid steam ship engine. Self-knowledge (Vedanta) is just that, a solid transporter with an inbuilt roadmap.
Attain self-knowledge and you’ll never get lost again, nor will any rapids be able to flip you over, ever.

Self-knowledge is not something magical or mystical, nor is it some high transcendental state or status, it’s not personal nor is it some profound spiritual experience. Self-inquiry is simply an investigation into how-things-really-are. And it’s this investigation that signposts you right back home, back to your already free and perfect self.

When self-knowledge is firm you can weather any of life’s existential storms.
Discovering both our oneness with everything and our freedom from everything is liberation.

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